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Books on the Go 2017

2017 reading challenge starts on 1st July!!

What is Books on the Go?

– Books on the Go is a summer reading challenge held annually by Class Acts. Participants are asked to read minimally one book in English in order to register in the challenge.

– Books on the Go is open to all readers. Both English speakers and English learners are encouraged to participate! Readers aged 16 or younger who read at least one book in English this summer may register to enter Books on the Go, and those reading at least three books in English will be entered in a raffle for prizes, with the Books on the Go party for all registered readers on 15th September 2017 in Vyšehrad.

How it works:

  1. Sign up
  2. Your child should read as many books in English as possible during summer break (1st July – 31st August). You should only enter the books read between 1st July – 31st August 2017. 
  3. As your child reads books in English, enter them into the reading record.
  4. When your child is finished with reading this summer sign the reading record and return it to Class Acts (you can scan and send it to
  5. When Class Acts receives the completed reading record, you will be invited to Books on the Go party on 15th September at Vyšehrad. At the party your child will receive a certificate and will be entered in a raffle for prizes and most importantly together we will celebrate their reading success with games, yummy food and little awards.
  6. Class Acts will count all the pages read that summer based on received reading records and select readers who read the most books, the most pages in all age categories.
  7. Books on the Go final party will take place on 15th September 2017 at Vyšehrad (Staré purkrabství). After sending filled reading record you will be invited to Books on the Go final party.


Upcoming Events

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WINNERS Let’s Write! 2017

CONGRATULATION TO ALL WINNERS, PARTICIPANTS, TEACHERS AND PARENTS And the winners are:  1s Category (6-7 years) Winner: NICKY WALLER: “10 Ninja’s Save the Day” 2nd place: ADAM CASPE: “Room 10” 3rd place: KANYKEI DOOROVA: “Hurricane”   2nd Category (8-11 years) a) 8-9 years Winner: ONDRA PRIBYL: “Travels with C-10” 2nd Place: V. EVAN HARTINER: “10 East Berger Street”… Read more

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