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Let’s Write! 2018


Dear all participants in the 2018 Let’s Write Contest. Thank you so much for being part of this contest.  We saw a remarkable number of excellent stories this year.  We noticed a dramatic increase in the quality of the stories compared to the last year.  Perhaps this was because the topics were more difficult than last year – so a special congratulations to you for taking on the challenge of writing about Czech history (or imagining the future).  We hope the contest motivated you to explore and experiment with a new theme or style or writing. It was very difficult to choose the winners.

You will be able to read all of them in our e-book  coming out by June 1. Here you can read the winning stories. are links to the winning stories:

Age 1: 6-7 years old; Judge: Nadima El-Khalafawi

Name Place Story
Emma Petter 1st the-lost-pyramid-emma-petter
Owen Barton 2nd owenbarton_my100thbirthday_b

Age 2: 8-9 years old; Judge: Callum Philbin

Name Place Story
Milos Routa 1st milos-routa_-masaryks-story
Ester Kotlarikova 2nd 100-year-nap
Nina Dubsky 3rd nina-dubsky_perfect-birthday

Age 3: 10-11 years old; Judge:  Jack Coling

Name Place Story
Veronica Kálovcová 1st veronicakalovcova_theitalianfront1918_b
Matti Nicolo Agro 2nd The Ace of Space
Kate Wagner 2nd kate-wagner-lets-write-story
Emma Spanko 3rd emmaspanko_no-4_b

Age 4: 12-13 years old; Judge: Mark Slouka

Name Place Story
Rade Meech Tatic 1st rademeechtatic_no-2_b
Johana M. Trejtnar 2nd johanamargarettrejtnar_thetriptotown_b
Alzběta Marešová 3rd alzbetamaresova_thestoryoftheyear1918_b

Age 5: 14-15 years old; Judge: Troy Witt

Name Place Story
Adriana Midkiff 1st adrianamidkiff_no-4_b
Mia Allis Agro 2nd Blueberry Pancakes
Marcela Kosarova 3rd My Grandma is a Hero

Age 6: 16+ years old; Judge: Jim Gomez

Name Place Story
Daniela Kroužkova 1st danielakrouzkova_mycentury_b
Jáchym Hrušák 2nd jachymhrusak_thereturnofthepresident_b
Feedback was written for each story by our judges.  We hope that it is helpful to you!  If you didn’t receive feedback from us and you would like it, please write to us at
Next year, the contest will be connected to Vaclav Havel; themes will be announced in the fall.  We hope that you enter again next year!
And a final a note to all parents and teachers:  the context is organized by the nonprofit organization Class Acts, and the majority of the work on the contest is done by a team of volunteers (including our judges!). If you would be interested in helping out next year – especially if you have any experience with fundraising-  please let us know!

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