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Let’s Write! 2017



Creative Writing Competition is back in 2017! To inspire children, to get their creativity juices flowing and to write more in English.

2016 Booklet spookystory_booklet_2016

Our Let’s Write!  writing competition was a great success last year! We received over 300 entries, which was wonderful, unexpected and, to be honest, a bit overwhelming.

Creative writing competition is here to support children’s creativity, fantasy as well as English writing and language skills. Children are divided into 3 age groups Age 1 (6-7 years), Age 2 (8-11 years), Age 3 (12-15 years). Each child should write a short story in English (please see below minimum number of words for each category) on given topic and send it to Class Acts by post no later then 13th March 2017. Children should write the stories themselves. All entries (stories) will be read by Class Acts judges. Best stories will be presented at Class Acts 10th Birthday Party (May 13th) at Vyšehrad. All participants are invited to this party and will be rewarded with Let’s Write Certificate. All the stories will be published in Booklet.

Theme: children select one of these themes and write their story

No. 1: One day, while I was walking through the forest, I came upon ten…..

No. 2: Every day I walk by Room 10 at school. The door to Room 10 is always closed. This morning I walked by and noticed that the door was open. I looked inside and….

No. 3: anything with number 10 in the theme and story

Who can participate: all children aged 6 – 15 years old

  • Age 1 (6-7 years): 200 – 500 words
  • Age 2 (8-11 years): 750-1000 words
  • Age 3 (12-15 years): 1000-1500 words

How to: Individual children

  • Sign up: Children have to register on CA website (registration is completed by receiving confirmation email)
  • Children should write the story themselves
  • All entries (hard copies) has to be sent to P.O. Box  (Class Acts, z.s., P.O. BOX 112, 149 01 Praha 415) by 13th March
  • Stories will not be returned

How to: Schools

  • Sign up: school must register
  • Each school can submit maximum three entries per age category. We ask the school to choose the best stories in each category (3 per age category)
  • Children should write the story themselves
  • All entries (hard copies) has to be sent to P.O. Box (Class Acts, z.s., P.O. BOX 112, 149 01 Praha 415) by 13th March
  • Stories will not be returned


  • Stories will be read by judges who will announce winners of each age category
  • Winning stories will be published on CA website and presented at 10th Anniversary party (13th May).
  • Winner will receive certificates.


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