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Jan 7,2018 - Apr 3,2018    Time: 6:00 am - 11:45 pm

Let's Write! - creative writing competition is here to support children's creativity, fantasy as well as English writing and language skills. Children are divided into 6 age groups. Each child should write a short story in English (please see below minimum number of words for each category) on given topic and send it to Class Acts by uploading the story to by 3rd April 2018. Children should write the stories themselves. All entries will be read by Class Acts judges. Best stories will be presented at Let's Write! party in Autumn (date to be confirmed).

How it works:


Children should register (registration is completed by receiving confirmation email with ). This is to give us an idea how many entries we should expect. Should you decide later on you do not want to participate in the contest – not to worry just don’t send us your story. You can sign up any time between January 1st - April 3rd 2018. STEP 2: CHOOSE A THEME AND WRITE YOUR STORY! Choose one of the following themes. In 2018 Czech republic celebrates 100 years of Czech and Slovak history. Write a short story based on one of these suggestions: No 1: You find an old photograph at your grandmother’s cottage. Suddenly the room starts to disappear and you find yourself in the photograph. It’s the year 1918. Write a short story about what happens next. No 2: It’s an early August morning in 1968. You’ve been awakened by a loud rumbling outside your house. You go to the window and see tanks rolling down the street. Write a story about what happens next. No 3: Czechoslovakia was founded in 1918. Imagine you were in the room with Masaryk, Beneš and Štefánik and part of the discussions about what the new country should be like. Write a short story about the experience. No 4: You look down at your grandfather’s old watch and suddenly, the hands start to turn wildly. You find yourself transported to a key moment in Czech history. Write a story about what happens. No 5: Write a short story starting with ‘On my 100th birthday…’ No 6: Imagine Masaryk and his wife travel in time to the modern-day Czech Republic. As they walk the streets of Prague, what would they think? Write a short story about their experience, feelings and observations of contemporary Czech life. No 7:  Write a short story starting with ‘I woke up, looked at the calendar and realized I’d been sleeping for 100 years’. STEP 3: SUBMIT YOUR STORY All entries (stories) has to be uploaded to Class Acts by 3rd April 2018. You can submit your story at (upload feature will be ready for you in February, thank you.) Each child can submit ONLY ONE entry (story). All entries has to have filled coversheet (when submitting your story you will be asked to fill in the details, e.g. name, age, school, contact….) or you can download it Story format: Stories should be written on pc and saved as pdf. Hand written stories must be scanned and saved as pdf. All the stories will be published in e-book. By submitting your story you agree story will be published by Class Acts z.s. Stories will not be returned. Who can participate: all children aged 6 – 18 years old
Age group Child’s Age No of Words in the Story
1 6 – 7 years old 200 – 500
2 8 – 9 years old 750 – 1000
3 10 – 11 years old 750 – 1 000
4 12 – 13 years old 1 000 – 1 200
5 14 – 15 years old 1 200 – 1 500
6 16+ years old 1 500+
Results Stories will be read by judges who will announce winners of each age category. Winning stories will be published on CA website and presented at Let’s Write party in Autumn 2018 (date to be confirmed). Winner will receive certificates and prizes. Contest Coordinator: Tereza Dubsky,, +420 602 971 478 Download your poster and share it with you friends. Thank you!



Registration is closed for this event.
For more information or questions, please email:

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