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Our Board

IMG_1820Bohdana Malik (Director): Bohdana is one of the co-founders of Class Acts. She returned to Class Acts after 4 years to bring her new ideas to this great organization. After many years spent in cultural organizations such as Divadlo pod Palmovkou and the State Opera House, Bohdana will once again be devoting her time and energy to Class Acts. Her background is in economy of the nonprofit organizations, production management and is keen on expending kid’s language education. Bohdana created number of classes for Class Acts, such as Bollywood Dance, Weekend with Cookie, first summer camp exploring Prague City, Bookmaking. She is married to an Indian man and is proud mother of one bilingual daughter.

leah's pictureLeah Gaffen  (founding member): Leah has conceived, developed, and taught many Class Acts programs – “Kids in Motion” music and drama classes, Storytelling with Mr. Snooze, Forest Days and the Storybridge book drive and storytelling teacher training program. Most recently she founded Story Theatre, a children’s theatre company involving kids aged 7-12. Leah has a background in children’s theatre and puppetry, and joins Mr. Snooze on visits to preschools around Prague. She and her husband also run Puppets in Prague – puppet making workshops for professionals- and organize annual puppet festivals. She has two children, Johanka and Matej (2004 & 2007).

picture of eleanorEleanor Hammond has volunteered for Class Acts since 2010. During this time, she has been involved in fundraising, organisation development and communications. She is most proud of having coordinated the book drive which contributed over 1500 English children’s books for the City Library on Korunni. She is the proud mother of 2 almost trilingual daughters (2005 & 2009)!

josie's pictureJosie Muller teaches and organises the Kids in Motion classes and our monthly Puppet Tales (storytelling).  She enjoys the challenge of finding fun and imaginative ways to work, share and create with kids. Originally from London, Josie has worked in both pre-school and basic school education teaching English, and at Charles University teaching photography. She has two bilingual children (2006 & 2010).

picture of lucieLucie Tatransky oversees the finances of Class Acts, maintains the web site and constantly strives to keep us up-to-date on technology. She also teaches the Kids In Motion Music class. Lucie is Czech and lived in America for many years. She has a background in management. Lucie has three bilingual children (2008, 2010 & 2013).

picture of terezaTereza Dubsky, originally a Class Acts fan, joined the team in 2013. Tereza is our program coordinator and is responsible for running all the courses and making sure the wheels are properly turning. In her free time she helps with some classes such as KINDY, Drama class or Art for Tots. Tereza herself has three bilingual kids and loves coming up with new ideas for courses and events.

zuzana's pictureZuzana Klain is the bilingual parent of a bilingual child. She was drawn into the vibrant world of Class Acts in the wake of her son (2005), and hasn’t looked back since. Zuzana is responsible for recruitment at Class Acts, and is always happy to hear from potential teachers and volunteers. Zuzana has been living in Prague since 1991. She’s worked for a consultancy, a bank, and a broadcaster. At the moment, she’s exploring her next career opportunity and drawing on her professional experience to help Class Acts with its long-term financial planning. Her special interest is bilingual education.

Upcoming Events

Summer Camp 2017: 5 days – 5 continents: Sign up now!

5 days  – 5 continents!!! This year we will explore our amazing world. Each day we will visit different continent and learn about its culture, nature and habits. We will create our owns world map, diary and many more…. For more information a registration please click here  


  We would like to invite you to organised 2 day tour for Class Act’s friends and families to LEGOLAND® in Germany. LEGOLAND® +THERMEERDING In cooperation with Zájezdy pro děti we would like to invite you for 2 days fun in Legoland and world’s largest spar resort Theme Erding.  A perfect combination: visit one of… Read more

WINNERS Let’s Write! 2017

CONGRATULATION TO ALL WINNERS, PARTICIPANTS, TEACHERS AND PARENTS And the winners are:  1s Category (6-7 years) Winner: NICKY WALLER: “10 Ninja’s Save the Day” 2nd place: ADAM CASPE: “Room 10” 3rd place: KANYKEI DOOROVA: “Hurricane”   2nd Category (8-11 years) a) 8-9 years Winner: ONDRA PRIBYL: “Travels with C-10” 2nd Place: V. EVAN HARTINER: “10 East Berger Street”… Read more

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